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ECO Friendly

ECO Friendly Laminating Sleeves

The ECO Friendly Swedex Smartpouch laminating sleeves film consists of high-quality and recyclable plastics polyester, ethylene vinyl-acetate (EVA) and polyethylene. The Smartpouches are made of the highest quality to ensure that you are able to protect your document and at the same time not damage the environment.

The plastic compound protects your documentation best and naturally against moisture, dust, dirt,and harmful UV radiation.

The processing and storage of the Swedex smart-pouches is free of plasticizers and solvents. This is good for your health because the room air, and thus your overall body, is not negatively impacted.

Furthermore, the base material is free of heavy metals. This is especially important because no poisonous substances can be released from the laminating film in case of contact such as e.g. Mercury. You can feel secure in the knowledge that while you are laminating your document, you are not exposed to any harmful poisons that may affect your health.

This also means that when you dispose of your document, none of these harmful chemicals will be released into the environment.


ECO friendly laminating sleeves

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