Create a Holiday Countdown Banner

This version of a countdown banner offers a clear pocket on the front of each square with a pullout piece that has a number on one side and a message and/or image on the other with a little ribbon tab at the top. You could personalize this for your classroom in many ways by changing up the message or pictures.

Countdown banner created using the laminator.


  1. Cut the following squares:
    1. Background: Solid Cardstock 3×3”
    2. Square: Printed Paper 2 ¾ x 2 ¾” (I cut these using a pinking blade for contrast)
    3. Pull out: Solid Cardstock 2 ½ x 2 ¼”
  2. Using an adhesive tape, attach Printed Square centered on Background.
  3. Place this piece in a laminator pouch (I do nine at a time.) and laminate. Trim very close to the edges.
  4. For pullouts, attach numbers to one side of each pull-out square and your message or image (stickers are really easy for this) to the other side.
  5. Place pullouts in laminator pouch and laminate. Trim a scant 1/16” from edge.
  6. For the clear pocket, laminate an empty pouch, sending it through the laminator with an extra sheet of paper underneath to prevent curling.
    1. Cut clear laminated pocket 2 ½ x 2 ¾”
  7. Place a tiny adhesive dot in each corner of the clear pocket, then line up the pocket over the printed square so that it is even at the bottom of the printed square.
  8. Place square with attached pocket in another laminator pouch and laminate again. Trim close the the edges.
  9. Using a very sharp pin or a sharp craft knife and carefully slice along the top of the clear pocket piece. (I use a pin and score along the edge first, then go back and stick the pin into the clear pocket along the scored line and slice it open.)
  10. Send each pocket through the laminator again, just to seal everything down.
  11. Set an eyelet in the two upper corners of the square and in the upper center of the pullouts.
  12. Cut 3” pieces of ribbon. Fold in half, and put the folded edge through the pullout eyelet, the lace the ribbon ends through the folded part of the ribbon. Pull tight. (gently)
  13. Place the numbered pullouts into each pocket on the square.
  14. String squares on a ribbon or string and hang! Start your countdown. (I like to go backwards, starting the the high number so we can easily see the number of days left!)