Your students will be excited to present this gift box to their loved ones.

Use your classroom laminator to create these adorable little boxes your students can use for a tiny gift.  This laminated lace box is the perfect size for a tiny treat like a chocolate kiss.  You can also use printed paper or have your students create their own artwork on a light print of the box template for a uniquely individual gift box.

Tiny box made of laminated lace


  1. Place a piece of lace or tulle at least the size of the template inside the laminator pouch and send through the laminator. (I usually send it through with a piece of cardstock to give the lightweight material some stability).
  2. Trace the template pattern onto the laminated lace. Cut out the traced piece. I like to use a soldering iron and a glass mat for this process as it seals the edges as it melts/cuts the laminate. I put the template under my glass mat, then using sheer lace, I can trace the edges through the lace.
  3. Use a perforating blade or cutter to perforate along each fold line.
  4. Place perforated piece into another laminator pouch and laminate again.
  5. Cut out again, carefully maintaining the original dimensions.
  6. Fold along each perforated fold line.
  7. Apply adhesive dots to each tab, and assemble box.
  8. Embellish as desired.

Laminated lace box open


For the Paper version, skip steps one and two and instead trace and cut out the template. Continue with Step 3 above.

Lace Box Template PDF