Clearly beautiful laminator project.

Coloring with markers inside the laminating pouches creates beautifully transparent suncatcher decorations.  Students will love seeing their drawings come to life with this simple project using your laminator and pouches. These make fun and bright classroom decorations that your students will be excited to take home.

Create translucent hanging sun catchers with this laminator project.

We used clear acrylic frames for the top of each suncatcher.  You could also create the top frame using a heavy 10 mil laminator pouch.

Sun, moon and stars laminator project.

We colored the inside of the pouches with permanent markers and inks.  Make sure that you allow the ink to dry before closing the pouch to laminate.

Adorable jungle animals make up this suncatcher laminator project.

It was easy to trace these adorable animals inside the laminator pouch with a permanent marker.

Tracing the jungle animals inside the laminator pouch.


After punching small holes in the top and bottom of each element, we used cord and nylon fishing line to string them together.

Close up view of the jungle animal suncatcher laminator project.

Close up of laminator project creating sun catchers.

We added some beads, in between and at the end to give each suncatcher some weight.

Close up of the sun moon and stars laminator project sun catcher.