Your students can create these fun keyrings using pictures and stickers.

With a classroom laminator, students can laminate pictures, artwork and stickers to create these personalized keyrings. Using cardstock that is printed on both sides to mat the tiny images gives the laminated images a print on the back and a border on the front.

Laminated images with beadsInstructions:

  1. Cut out images, sentiments, and any other motifs you want to include as charms.
  2. Adhere all cut outs to printed paper for a background and trim leaving a border around the edges.
  3. Place all assembled charms into laminator pouch and send through the laminator leaving at least 1/4″ of space in between each charm.  I like to use a heavy weight giga laminator pouch for this.
  4. Trim each charm out leaving a 1/8″ border. You don’t have to be too precise. (I didn’t cut the scallops in the lamination around the photos but just cut an oval round them.) When cutting out you need to add a semi circle to the top and bottom of each photo and a semi circle to the top of each charm (these are for setting the eyelets in later).  To make these easier to trim, you can draw the trimming line onto the laminated pouch using a dry erase marker, then after they are trimmed, the marker will wipe right off.

  5. Punch holes and set eyelets in the semicircles at the top and bottom of the image charms.  Add an eyelet in the semi circles at the top of your word tags and charms.

  6. Cut lengths of embroidery silk and tie a knot near the top joining them all together. Be sure to leave enough length to tie it onto your key ring. Thread beads, your charms, photos and word tags onto each length setting them all at different heights.

Students can make these for their backpacks or they can become really thoughtful and personal gifts that will last.