Students love to use their own laminated bookmark

These bookmarks are easy to make and students love to ink the inside of the laminator pouches.  It’s also fun for students to see the pages of their books through the translucent laminated bookmark they have created.

Laminated Bookmark with alcohol ink and glitter Instructions to make Laminated Bookmarks:

  1. Open laminating pouch and sprinkle the inside with various colors of alcohol ink.  Let dry.
  2. Add any additional decorations.  Some possibilities are:  crayon drawing (make sure to keep the crayon in the very center of the bookmark), glitter, stamped sayings, small stickers, etc.
  3. Place decorated laminator pouch into the laminator with a plain piece of paper underneath for stability.
  4. Trim the laminated pouch to the desired bookmark size.
  5. Cut cardstock ends, glue in place.
  6. Punch a hole at one end and add an eyelet and ribbon.

These also make a great gift for students to make and present to their parents.