Create a hands on book of fasteners for your early childhood curriculum.

It is fun and easy to create this book of fasteners using your Smart Laminator and Pouches.  Fastenating Book Cover Image


  1. Cut seven sheets of patterned cardstock to the size of your desired finished book.  The sample pictured was cut to 8″ x 5 1/2″.
  2. Using stickers or other papers and embellishments create the cover.
  3. Laminate all 5 pages of the mini book with regular weight laminator pouches (3 mil.)

For the cover:

  1. Use a variety of alphabet to create the title on the front.
  2. Laminate this page again in a heavier laminating pouch.  Trim to desired size.

Fastenating Book Lacing and Tie Page

Lacing and Tie a Bow Page:

  1. Cut two rectangles (mine are 3″ x 4¼”) from patterned paper and write or stamp the page title across the bottom.
  2. Laminate these pieces.
  3. Trim each piece leaving ¼” of laminating film on one side of each rectangle.
  4. Add adhesive to the ¼” strip and adhere to the page so that the open flaps face each other.
  5. Attach large eyelets to the facing edges.
  6. Lace a ribbon or shoelace through the eyelets and tie a bow.

Fastenating Book Snap Page closedFastenating Book Snap Page OpenSnap Page:

  1. Cut a rectangle (mine is 4″ x 3″) piece from patterned paper and add the page label across the bottom.
  2. Laminate this piece and trim.
  3. Use a sharp needle and thread and hand stitch one part of the snap (I used a heavy duty snap) to the top center.
  4. Apply quick dry glue to the bottom and sides of this piece and attach to the page, forming a pocket.
  5. Cut two smaller rectangles (mine are 4″ x 2½”)  from coordinating patterned paper to create the pocket flap pieces.
  6. Laminate each pocket flap piece separately.
  7. Trim away lamination around pocket flap edges BUT leaving a ¼” strip of laminating film on the top edge of one of the pieces.
  8. Hand stitch the second part of the snap to the bottom center of the pocket flap without the extra laminate strip.
  9. Adhere the two pocket flaps together.  The flap piece with the extra strip of lamination film across the top should be on top so it will cover up the stitching.
  10. Snap the flap to the pocket, then adhere the ¼” strip at the top of the pocket flap to the page.

Fastenating Book velcro page complete

Fastenating Book Velcro Page process

Velcro Page:

  1. Cut two long strips (mine are 6 ¾” x ¾”) and one shorter strip (mine is 5 ¼”x ¾”) from patterned paper.
  2. Laminate the strips. Trim excess.
  3. Adhere the left ends of each strip to the page.
  4. Attach sticky Velcro to the right sides of each strip and the corresponding pieces to the page so they match.
  5. I laminated some cut elements from patterned paper and alphabet stickers, trimmed them and then added these to my strips.
  6.  Add a title to the page using alphabet stickers.

Fastenating Page Zipper Complete

Fastenating Book Zipper page processZipper Page:

  1. Cut one narrow rectangle (mine is 7¼” x 1½”) and one wide rectangle (mine is 7¼” x 2¼”) from patterned paper.
  2. Apply the page title to the narrow rectangle.
  3. Laminate each rectangle and trim leaving ¼” strip of laminating film at the top of the narrow piece and at the bottom of the wider piece.
  4. Use sewing machine or quick dry glue to attach the zipper.
  5. Close the zipper.
  6. Apply adhesive to the ¼”edges and adhere to the page.

Fastenating Book Buckle Page Complete

Buckle Page:

  1. Add an embellishment (like a sticker) to the top center of the next page.
  2. Adhere the webbing at each end of a buckle (I trimmed one from an old backpack) using glue or a sewing machine to the page.
  3. Add page title under the buckle.

Fastenating Book Button Page CompleteButton Page:

  1. Cut two long strips (mine are 5½” x 1¼”) and two shorter strips (mine are 4¼” x 1¼”) from patterned paper.
  2. Laminate strips and trim.
  3. Create buttonholes.  I used a sewing machine to sew button holes into one long (5½” x 1¼”) strip and one short (4¼” x 1¼”). (These could be just slots cut in the strips.)
  4. Hand stitch two buttons to the other 2 strips so that they match up to the buttonholes.
  5. Button the strips together matching one shorter strip to one longer strip.
  6. Apply adhesive to the ends of each strip and attach to the page.
  7. Add the title to the top of the page using alphabet stickers.
  8. Thread 2 additional buttons with black ric rac and attach to each side of the title.

Complete the book:

Punch two holes in each page (make sure these match up) and use book rings to put all the pages together.  You can add ribbon to the book rings as pictured.