Create an easy and fun color sorting activity

This free printable activity from is a quick and fun way to get your early learners engaged in sorting by color.

Step by Step Instructions:
Printouts of Color Sorting Activity from

  1. Download and print the printable activity pages from
  2. Cut out the pieces on the pages marked.
  3. Cut out cardstock pieces (we used black) that are just slightly larger than the cut pieces.Cut pieces for color sorting activity
  4. Adhere the printed pieces to the cardstock squares.
  5. Place pieces in laminator pouches leaving space in between each for trimming.
  6. Place the large, uncut printed sheets in separate laminator pouches.
  7. Send all the pouches through the laminator.
  8. Trim the individual square apart and get ready to sort those colors.

Close Up of Color Sorting Activity from

Thanks to Viviana from for permission to post this activity.  Be sure to visit her link for more great printables.