Matte vs. Clear Laminating Pouches with Food Groups Activity

The introduction of matte laminator pouches gives you a choice when you are laminating for your classroom.  Traditional clear pouches have a shiny finish which is great for dry erase marker usage, but dismal for using other pens as well as catching the glare from classroom lighting.  With matte pouches, you can still get the protection of lamination without the glare.  We created the following fun food group sorting activity from in both pouch styles for comparison.

Comparison of matte pouch and traditional clear pouch

Top left is laminated in the matte pouch. The bottom right is laminated in a traditional clear pouch.

It’s a little difficult to see in the image, but the matte pouch has no shine or light reflection and the traditional pouch has both.  Be sure to check out our matte pouches which are available in 2 thicknesses in both letter size and OBT size (6″ x 9″).

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Download and print the Food Groups Activity from food groups activity from
  2. Cut out the food group pieces.
  3. Place the food group pieces and the full sheet in laminator pouches and laminate.  Be sure to leave some space in between each of the food group squares for trimming.
  4. Trim food group squares and you are ready to do some healthy sorting.


A very special thanks to Viviana from for permission to post these great printables.

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