Create these activity cubes with this fun free printable and a laminator
Dance Like a Lion Activity Cubes

Roll the dice and get your students moving with silly combinations every time.  One cube has prompts on each side with an action like dance, wiggle and crawl.  The other cube has an animal on each side.  Together, they provide a fun way to get everyone on their feet, or not as they “Jump like a Monkey” or “Walk like a Lion.”  This Get Up and Move free printable activity is available from the blog.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Download and print the Get Up and Move Dice free printable from HERE.Uncut Get Moving Dice
  2. Carefully cut out the printed dice and be sure to cut right at the edge of the design.
  3. Place cut dice into a legal size laminating pouch – I used a 5 mil pouch  and be sure to leave a little space in between the cut outs.
  4. Send the pouch through the laminator
    Place the Get Moving Prints in Laminator Pouch
  5. Cut out the dice again.
  6. Score along all the fold lines.  On the action dice, I used a perforating blade, which gave it very sharp folds and it perforates through the lamination without tearing through when you fold.
  7. Fold and assemble your dice.  I used clear packing tape to seal the edges in place.

Dance Like a Lion Activity Cubes

Thanks to for permission to post this Get Up and Move activity.

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