It’s Rhyme Time activity is a great way to get your students to focus on sounds and vocabulary.

This great Rhyme Time activity was created by the talented Kristin Cummings, Speech Language Pathologist at Simply Speech  to strengthen young learners language development.  From Kristin’s blog:

Every time I go into the PreK unit at school, I always leave with a song stuck in my head! There is a good reason behind this… rhymes help develop your little learner’s language development. Learning nursery rhymes introduce children to letter sounds and vocabulary as well as pitch, volume, and inflection. 

Laminated Rhyming Mats with Cards
Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Download and print the free activity sheets from Simply Speech here.Printed Sheets for Rhyme Time Activity
  2. Cut out the Rhyme Time word cards along the dashed lines.
  3. Place the Rhyme Time mats and cut cards into laminator pouches and make sure to leave some space in between each of the cards so you can trim them apart.
  4. Send the loaded laminator pouches through the heated laminator.
  5. Trim the cards individually.  I also used a corner rounder punch to take the sharp edges off the corners of my Rhyme Time cards.Laminated Rhyme Time Mats activity


A special thanks to Kristin at Simply Speech for permission to post this great activity.

For more speech related classroom activities and tools go to Simply Speech on Teachers Pay Teachers here.