Give your early math students these Math Strategies Cards to spark independant problem solving.

These bright engaging math strategies cards will help your students focus on the different ways they can problem solve.  Colleen Alaniz at Totally Terrific in Texas created this fun printable that you can print in full color to make this helpful tool for your classroom.

Complete Laminated Math Strategies

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Download and print the pages from Totally Terrific in Texas on Teachers Pay Teachers Here.Printable sheets for math strategies
  2. Cut out each of the signs and the Math Strategies Label.
  3. Place each of the cut out pieces into laminator pouches.  I used 5 mil pouches so that my cards would be thicker and stand up to a lot of handling.
  4. Send each of the loaded pouches through the heated laminator, which is especially fast and easy with the Pouchjet Pro Laminator because I don’t need to change any settings based on the pouch thickness.
  5. Trim each of the finished cards and you are ready to inspire your students to seek learning strategies on their own.

I really like the idea of creating a set of these for each student.  They could be placed on a book ring to flip through and the graphics are perfect for inspiring young learners to action.

Thanks to Colleen Alaniz at Totally Terrific in Texas for permission to share this great printable classroom tool.

You can find more printables by Colleen at Totally Terrific in Texas on Teachers Pay Teachers.